60 Size Hangar 9 P-51D

conversion to:

P-51B or F-6C


Here is a shot my Hangar 9 ARF mustang at the start of its first season.

Its a great flying airplane with lousy landing gear and a fuel tank that gave me nothing but trouble.  As a result the cowl crazed from raw fuel and the nose was oil soaked in places.  I decided to use the down time between steps on the Z to fix up the P-51. 


Here is what I'm shooting for post-conversion


When I get around to working on the wing I'm going to pull the sloppy mechanical gear and put in a set of Spring Air 101 HD gear.

Oh here are shots of how the fuse looks right now:

Here it is all ready for the new covering

Here is the fuse with the basic covering.  Boy I'm just not very good at covering.

Here she is .  I still need to spend some time on the cowl, OD anti-glare section, red nose ring and of course nose art. 

The servos are back in it, the throws are set gear doors are on.  I still haven't decided if the "Dody" will be done

In Ultrakote as the rest of the markings or whether I'll try getting vinyl cut.


Here she is ready for the first test flight.


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