The following are links to some of the planes I've built.  Some have suffered at the hands of gravity and pilot error others are still flying and still others have gone on to others.  If the links don't work its because the planes aren't done yet.

Top Flite P-40E

JR Mosquito Electric Reviewed in RC Report

Meister FW 190D9

Vickers Wellington BIII Mine is the one in the foreground.  The Coastal Command version is Frank and Craig's

Top Gun F-15A

Midwest Citabria

Sig Kougar

G Shark MKII

Yellow Aircraft Spitfire MK XIV

Hangar 9 P-51 ARF - Soon to be converted to a B model mustang

Scratch built A-7E

Midwest Me109E

LC-126 - Built from Uravtich Plan and Hobby Hangar parts.  Reviewed in RC Report

Luftwaffe Z Project

Stearman - Great Planes ARF, Saito 150



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