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Here are some shots of our July 2005 Trip to the LaC du flambeau area


We had blistering heat right down to 50 degree nights.  We spent most of our time on Lower SugarBush lake but one day we went to see superior falls and lake superior.


We've got more shots on the way.  Mostly of the fish we caught and the kids playing in Sugarbush but they aren't back yet.


Click on the small pictures below to size a larger version.

Dawn and the kids at the Superior overlook at Superior Falls Some idea of how much a drop there is to the lake Mitch trying to lead fish into the net for Erin to scope up Erin on a log with the wind off the lake in her face The better part of the family walking up to the falls.  90 feet of drop from the Montreal river to the bottom Kate picking rocks on the Superior shore Lauren running around on the shore of Superior
Mitch skipping rocks on Superior into some pretty stiff wind and waves The view from near the base of the falls out toward where Superior meets the Montreal river.  The waves at that point had to be close to 10' If we've got a geologist in the family I'd sure like to hear more about what this dark rock was doing here on the beach with all the other red (iron laden?) rock in the cliffs and on the shore Here is another shot out toward the lake.  The weather changes in a hurry along the lake. This is a shot of the whole fall.  I think this is probably the most naturally impressive place I've ever been in Wisconsin. A shot of the kids giving a little size reference to the drop from the land to the lake.  

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