Here are some shots of our October 2004 trip to Disney in Orlando.


THe weather was beautiful.  84-86 degrees with 50% humidity at most.


Click on the small pictures below to size a larger version.

3 of the clan riding the carousel Micky, Walt and the best view of the Spierings bunch. The Chipngirls Dawn relaxing Daisy, Donald and ducklings. Fountain in the world of tomorrow at Epcot The lagoon at Epcot
Epcot at night while waiting to ride the GM test track I thought Buzz Lightyear was taller. Kate doing one of her favorite things Main St. at the Magic Kingdom about 5 minutes after opening The Sci Fi diner at dinner our last night.  Mitch wasn't pleased to find out that the driver traditionally bought. An unfortunate consequence of taking in the "Honey I Shrunk the Audience" show. Lauren's Favorite ride.  The Tower of Terror.

Mitch asked that certain incriminating photos of him not be sent to his teacher and others in the family.  As more pictures come in we'll update the site.



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