Watson's Whizzers, The 54th Air Disarmament Wing


At the end of WWII as hostilities were winding down in Europe, the Air Technical Service Command initiated “Project Lusty” charged with the task of collecting advanced German technology.   On 27 April 1945 an outfit known as Watson's Whizzers came into being. Col. Harold E. Watson was tasked with acquiring German aerospace technology as the Allies took over German occupied areas. Watson and his outfit the 54th Air disarmament Squadron were to scour the formerly German held territory with a hit list of aircraft to appropriate. At the top of the list was the Me 262 and several of the other German jets. Hence the term Watson's Whizzers, the jet engine having a very different sound from the typically deployed Allied aircraft. Often if the aircraft were in good condition they were flown back to England and later placed on board an aircraft carrier for the U.S.. For more Whizzer history try here: STORMBIRDS

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Our group has adopted the name and spirit of Watson's Whizzers 54th ADW because of the varied interests in military subjects of the RC modelers who started the group.  The main purpose of the group is to promote the building and flying of military aircraft of all categories from any historical era of military aviation.  We all share a common interest in the preservation of military history though scale modeling, researching and learning, and exchanging information and ideas.


We are an informal group with no dues or requirement to belong to any other organization or club: All you need is an interest in the subject.  Our activities vary from time to time including group outings to flying events around the Midwest, occasional group “missions” to go flying locally, and meetings during the building months to promote fellowship and the sharing of modeling and historical information.   


This site will contain the latest information on activities of the group and links to other events and valuable information.


Latest Information and Activities

2009/2010 Military R/C Scale Meetings


The 54th ADW is hosting a series of meetings on military R/C scale modeling over the 2009/2010 winter building season.  These meetings will cover a broad range of topics but the primary focus will be scale military R/C aircraft. The meeting agenda is very informal with discussion of projects, plans, scale documentation, building and finishing techniques, detailing, history and flying. We encourage attendees to bring along current projects, plans, latest gadget, books, or any other RC modeling related item of interest.


These meetings will be held at the Verona Public Library

from 7 - 9 PM in Study Room 3.

Dates for 2009/2010

November 23rd (Monday)
December 30th (Wednesday)
January 27th (Wednesday)
February 24th (Wednesday)
March 24th (Wednesday)
April 28th (Wednesday) 

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