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Here are some shots of our June 2006 Trip to Big Sand Lake up by Phelps WI


The lake was great and Cabin was beautiful. 


It seemed like each person in the family specialized in a different kind of fish.  Mitch was Bass boy, Rock and Largemouth.  Dawn and Kate were the Crappie Queens.  erin and Lauren were the Bluegill specialists and I did Ok ON Northern and caught a few nice walleye.


Click on the small pictures below to size a larger version.

Lauren driving the boat at her favorite speed Here is Lauren heading out to the fishing spot Mitch with one of his largemouth bass A moose somewhere along the way.  Shades of the Griswolds Erin concentrating on her driving Driving the boat is hard work for a soon to be 1st grader  
Lauren and Mitch debating who gets to fish up front. Kate hanging out while we get set for another drift I couldn't resist putting this old picture up.  Its Mitch with his first fish at Grandma's pond.  Compare to the picture above. Heading back to the cabin for lunch. Kate showing off one of the nice crappies she caught    

Some more shots throughout the year. 

The twins heading out to the first day of school The twins Christmas pageant Lauren getting off the bus after the first day of school The kids inside a river boat at the Mississippi River Museum in Dubuque. The girls by a wigwam at the Great River Museum in Dubuque The kids inside the wigwam  
Halloween in 05. The sisters at Todd's 40th b-day party Kate ready for the swim stage in the triathlon Kate ready to get in the pool Kate swimming in the triathlon Kate getting ready for the next stage  
On to the cycling stage Finishing up the run Kate and a friend after the race At home cooled off Lauren and Erin's soccer camp Erin during her K graduation program  
Lauren and Erin at basketball camp Kate at basketball camper The ladies ready to head for the dance recital Kate's b-day party The ladies.  The head tilt has to be a Polk thing.  Check out the picture of Dawn and sisters above Kate's party  
More pictures coming.      
Erin and her teacher Mr. Diaz Erin One of Kindergarten graduates.        

Vacation Pictures

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