The Z Wing


I'm starting with the wings since that is where most of the re-engineering needs to happen.

A shot of the first wing panel

Here you can see the same panel and the spar that runs through all 3 panels.  The door I build on is 8' long.

The wings are framed up and mostly sheeted.

So the first bump is hit.  I had to send my retracts back to get them modified so they'll better fit the wings.

Well the gear went back to Lenny.  Came back in a hurry but still didn't quite work as well as they should have.  They went back to Lenny again this time with the struts. 

We'll see how they turn out.  In the mean time here are some more shots actually taken a while back.  I'll be starting on the fuselages soon.  Ran into some bumps with the

plan and missing part templates but Ty Brown helped me out.  Sounds like I got a set of very old plans from Meister Scale which weren't complete.  I've since been told

that the plans going out the door are complete.

Here is a shot of the center section being finished up but with the right tip on to make sure things line up.


I'll be posting pix of the whole wing in the next couple of days.  Until the gear show up and work I really can't do much with sheeting the front of the wing and adding the leading edges.

Well the gear are back.  Still no wheels.  Here is a shot of the wing right before I button it up.


The Shindin gear installed in one wing panel.  As you can see a little bit is going to stick out of the wing.  I'm not going to put the leading edges on until the fuses are framed up.  Still

no word from Len Gardener concerning the wheels.  So on to the fuselage for now.

Here are a couple shots of the revised gear from Shindin Machine.  The cylinders and struts are now oriented on the same side of the gear.  The wheel is a 4.25" Dubro, too small but the best

I have unless Len Gardener actually does ship the wheels I paid him for.


The revision resulted in the trunion being an additional 1/16 of an inch higher than the gear mount tabs.




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