The Z Fuselages Continued


I finally got a little bit of time.  This is about an hour in since my last update.

If you go back and look at the first fuse page you can see the aft formers and the nose ring have been lightened considerably.

If you look carefully you'll see that I've cut a couple air ducts through the firewall.  I'm thinking of using the exhaust stack to help permit the air flow

around the motor.

Here is a shot of it all aligned on the board.

Here you can see the aft end in a bit more detail.  Notice the building aid holding the tail off the board.

Here is a shot of the front end in a bit more detail.  Look at the bottom of the firewall and you can see the cut out

to enhance cooling air flow.

And Fuse 1 as its ready to come off the board

Total time on the fuse to this point is about 5 hours.

Here is a shot of what it looks like so far.


I've actually got a pair of Zwillings now. 

Here is a shot of the builder and the project for size reference I'm 6'8"

I called Len Gardiner last week.  Now he says the wheels have been shipped.  Same thing he said 4 weeks ago.  This time I'm told they shipped via air mail. 

He seems a nice fellow on the phone but I'm starting to think I'm never going to see the wheels for this project or the rebuild of my 190D.

Since these shots I've gotten the vertical stabilizers mounted.  Work is getting crazy and I've got what the doctor calls a minor meniscus tear that will have me off my feet for 3-5 days after the surgery.



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