The Z Fuselages


Not too much more to say so here goes....


Most of the parts for the fuselage at least shaped parts are provided by the short kits.  Here are a couple shots of what is included in the way of fuse parts.

Here are the others.

Here are the fuse parts I had to cut.  After I took the shot and got building I realized I left one off.  Tthe cut stringer for the top of the nose.  Actually a couple of these parts

are used in the wing.  The C shaped part is the light ply core I'm using for the wing tips.  The plan is missing the one titled F10.  F6A is used to set the correct angle on the

aft fuse formers.

Here are the assemblies for each fuse ahead of the leading edge of the wing.

You can see how much I cut down the nose ring compared to the earlier shots.  Ty's video points out that by doing that you'll save headaches when its time to install the engine. 

I also opened up a hole in F2C which is the main crutch that runs through the firewall.  I plan to use that area to hold the battery in each fuse half.  The holes in F1 needed to

be opened a bit to fit the tabs on F2C and you can see a cut out in F4 that is in the wrong spot it should have lined up with F2C.  The quick fix was to cut the tab off F2C. 

Again kudos to Ty's video for pointing this stuff out ahead of time.



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